Club 4 Paws


Responsibility for animals

Club 4 Paws was developed by the specialists of KORMOTECH manufacturing company together with American and Polish experts in the field of animal nutrition.

The products of this brand include premium food for dogs and cats and are exported to 18 countries.

Each product is enriched with INTEGRAMIX formula of ingredients that help support animals’ good health and proper development. INTEGRAMIX contains 4 food complements from four sides of the world: Ginger – for immunity and good digestion; Hawthorn – to improve heart function; Tomatoes – to normalize liver function; Bananas – a good source of fiber for intestinal balance.

The main ingredient is meat. These products are also enriched with essential components such as a complex of vitamins, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.

Club 4 Paws offers several essential food lines for dogs and cats, which meet the specifics of each animal.

Club 4 Paws Product Range