City Pets


Amenities for pet owners

City Pets is a Bulgarian brand that has considered eliminating a large amount of the drawbacks associated with having a pet. What are these drawbacks? Unpleasant odor linked to cat litter boxes as well as bacteria growth in them and in rodent and bird beddings.

You love your cat but litter box odor and lack of hygiene bother you. City Pets has found a solution – embedding silver ions and using natural biodegradable and recycled materials for product manufacturing. Silver ions embedded in organic animal beddings stop bacteria growth by disrupting the integrity of bacterial enzymes. The result is a high level of hygiene and lack of unpleasant odor.

City Pets has organized its production observing certain company values. Providing highly hygienic environment and amenities for pet owners. Ecological standards by using biodegradable natural materials for manufacturing their products, which allows flushing waste directly down the toilet. Complete product safety for both humans and animals.

City Pets Product Range