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Veterinary services


Because they are part of the family

Dafor’s mission is to improve your pets’ life and bring you joy and long-lasting shared moments with them! We believe and we have proven over time that prevention, proper nutrition and timely conscious care keep your pet in good health.

We will provide you with professional advice for raising your pet. All the necessary care and stages of development. Nutrition and hygiene tips, regular preventive care – vaccination and deworming. We may assist you in your pet’s registration and vaccination requirements when traveling.

Appointments may be scheduled by calling in advance the phone numbers listed in the Contacts section.

We do our best to minimize the stress of vet visits for your pets: dogs, cats and small animals. We welcome them with love, attention and treats.

How we help your pet

Breeding and care recommendations

We will advise you on proper eating habits, adequate care and hygiene needs of your pet. According to its breed and specific needs, we will offer you nutritionally complete food and food tailored to specific health needs, as well as oral health products, hygiene products and preventive examination.


All pets need annual revaccination throughout their life! Vaccination protects your pet from a number of dangerous, infectious diseases. Before administering any vaccine, our veterinarian will assess the overall health of your pet and then determine a vaccination schedule. You may get a phone message reminder from us if you wish.


Year-round pet deworming is extremely important both for your pet and for yourself! After assessing the lifestyle, age, weight, breed, frequency of bathing and general health our veterinarian will recommend the most appropriate options. You may as well get a phone message deworming reminder from us if you wish.

Visit us

Dear customers, to visit our veterinarian you have to book an appointment beforehand.
For emergency cases, please call  +359 898 59 23 89 – Zaravet Clinic