Dafor’s newly built facility comprises an area of 950 m2 including warehouse, showroom, office space and veterinarian practice. The building has been constructed in compliance with contemporary standards and requirements. It has direct access from Komatevsko shosse to a local road, private parking lot and cargo entrances for trucks and cars.

Our warehouse facility offers optimal storage conditions with temperature and humidity control. Large storage area allows us to maintain a wide range of goods and constant stock, which is an important factor in wholesale trade.
The showroom space is well-organized in order to help customers get quickly oriented and acquainted with the range of goods.
The veterinarian office is fitted with modern equipment. Here you can get vaccination, health and preventive care advice after scheduling an appointment in advance.

What kind of products will you find

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A large variety of premium dog food and treats. Hygiene and grooming products, accessories, toys, beds, houses and many more. Healthcare products – deworming and antiparasitic. Safety and security products.
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High-quality cat food and treats including products designed for cats with specific dietary needs. Accessories, cosmetics, cat litter boxes, carriers, beds, scratchers, climbing posts, etc.
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Everything for aquatic pets. Food and aquariums. Aquarium maintenance products – filters, aerators, pumps, heaters and lighting devices. Supplies, preparations, tests, supplements, tank accessories, etc.
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Food, terrariums, carrier boxes. Equipment for maintaining optimal conditions – heating devices and humidifiers. Sanitary preparations and terrarium substrates. Accessories – decorative shelters, backgrounds, plants.
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Food for small, medium and large parrots, canaries and other birds. Bird cages, coops and equipment. Feeders, water-drinkers, toys. Sand, turf, various kinds of beddings. Minerals, salts, etc.
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Small animals

All you need for bunnies, guinea pigs, miniature ferrets, hamsters. Food and treats. Cages, carriers, beddings. Cosmetics and hygiene products. Accessories.

Who benefits from our services


End customers
Pet owners
Pet owners

Legal entities

Retail traders
Pet stores, veterinary clinics and grooming studios

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